Our Facilities


We are proud of our six-lane, 25m, indoor saltwater pool which is situated on the ground floor near the school canteen.  Students love their swimming lessons and our competition swim teams are a popular part of the Curriculum and Activities Programme.


This area in the centre of the school is a hive of activity during break times and lunch times. Students can play and run on a surface that is hard-wearing, safe and flood-free. During lesson times students utilise this area – along with the gym – for skills-based lessons. The pitch is sometimes used for fixtures against other schools in Ho Chi Minh City.


In addition to the Astroturf internal field, the school has a large 6000m2 Sports Field which provides great sporting opportunities for our students and provides a useful facility for hosting many events for our school and for competitive sporting fixtures with other schools.

ART rooms 

The school has lovely light Art rooms that are airy and full of light. Art is an important part of any school curriculum, and with our skilled Art teachers, students are able to work during lessons or at break and lunch-times. Artwork can be seen in all parts of the school.


Renaissance’s large multi-purpose airconditioned indoor gymnasium allows for a variety of competitive sports. The gymnasium floor is a wooden sports surface, with high-impact absorption, underfoot support and good playing performance. The facility is fully lit and air-conditioned.


The Renaissance library serves as a hub for information, technology, and reading literacy. The Library Programme is led by a fully trained Teacher-Librarian, Mr. Panda who provides a full range of services to Early Years, Primary, Secondary and IBDP students. They love his storytelling in particualr.


Renaissance has an outstanding technology provision and technology is integrated through the curriculum. We believe that technology is an important adjunct to student learning and we have a strong commitment to digital citizenship and the appropriate use of technology.

In the Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2  students have access to iPads. From Year 3 to Year 6 the school has a One-to-One Laptop Programme whilst in the Secondary a Bring Your Device Programme (BYOD) is in operation.


In this subject, we teach product and digital design using several material areas, such as textiles, wood, acrylic and traditional modelling. We have a large computer suite with the latest software to teach CAD/CAM design and 3d modelling, which is manufactured in acrylic and wood using laser cutters. We also have 2 CAD/CAM embroidery machines, an overlocker and ten sewing machines.

Our maker space has lots of additional equipment, such as a huge interactive TV, laser cutters and 3 d printers. The maker space is used to solve problems, innovate, experiment, and discover how things work in a project-based constructivist environment. It is used by the whole school and the library and includes many activities such as baking, tinkering, coding, robotics, and model-making with LEGO. As we are now an MYP candidacy school, the space is used to inquire in different areas with different materials.

MUSIC rooms

There is a strong focus on music education at Renaissance. The school has purpose built instruction spaces for music which include teaching areas and practice rooms. 


Renaissance boasts a 320-seat, sound-proofed theatre which is an impressive part of the school’s infrastructure and is designed for both amateur and professional use. The theatre is used for school productions and student performances and can also be booked for use by the external community on weekends.


The Early Years have a specifically designed area for play. Interlinked rooms create an environment where young children can learn through activity and play and the rooms also have the sliding door system, which is suitable and flexible for teachers and pupils. Adjacent to the Early Years teaching space is the Early Years swimming pool and beyond that a covered playground.


Our Renaissance Adventure Play Area enables students to exercise, enjoy each other’s company and involve themselves in the natural world. Their imagination is stimulated by ‘hidden’ pathways through bushes and borders and their emotional health and well-being is cared for by having shaded seating areas where students can chat, relax (even lie down) and listen to the sounds of the waterfall. The shaded seating areas are big enough to take entire classes for learning outdoors.


Our light and spacious cafeteria provides students with a comfortable and relaxing eating environment. The cafeteria provision is outsourced to Skyline, a modern catering company based in HCMC. An extensive choice of food is offered. Asian, Korean, Western and Vegetarian options are available daily.