Leadership Capabilities

  1. Strategic Capabilities: Forward-thinking, able to see and appreciate ‘the bigger picture’ and translate into strategy-focused action.
  2. Cultural Capability: Interact with people and ideas from different cultural traditions, respect and celebrate cultural diversity and see it as essential for intercultural learning.
  3. Pedagogical Capability: Support the need to build individual and school knowledge and understanding, and deploy it effectively for the good of students, parents and colleagues.
  4. Entrepreneurial Capability: Anticipate change and respond in creative, analytical and practical ways, demonstrating an ability to innovate, develop, communicate, promote and evaluate new ideas and practices.
  5. Relational Capability: Encourage individuals and groups - student or faculty - to work together to achieve meaningful goal(s).
  6. Reflective Capability: Use deep thinking strategies when engaging with different experiences.
  7. Heuristic Intelligence (Insight) Capability: Evaluate situations and practices in order to provide optimal explanations and solutions, and to make outstanding decisions.