Mr Wu Zeng

Chinese Teacher/ Chinese Coordinator

Full name: Wu Zeng
Nationality: Chinese
Position at Renaissance: Chinese Teacher/ Chinese Coordinator
Education and Qualifications: IBO, Shanghai, China; Bachelor of Science, Donghua University, China; IB Trained
Teaching Experience: 2007-2009 Teacher of Chinese Singapore International School, 2009-2011 Teacher of Chinese American International School, 2011- Now C Teacher of Chinese Renaissance International School
Professional Accomplishments: One year as head teacher
Description: Mr Wu is currently a Secondary Teacher of Chinese at Renaissance International School. Throughout his teaching career, He has worked in 3 international schools in 10 years in Vietnam. His teaching experience includes working with the IGCSE and IBDP curriculum for key stage 4 and 5 students and British national curriculum for key stage 3 students. He is able to develop curriculum and classes in a fun and creative way by using various instructions and his sense of humour. He likes reading, travelling and swimming.