Mr William Dimmick

KS2 Primary Teacher


Full name: Dimmick William John
Nationality: Australian
Position at Renaissance: KS2 Primary Teacher
Education and Qualifications: Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia; Bachelor of Arts (Japanese), Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Bachelor of Education – Graduate Entry (Primary)
Teaching Experience: I have 8 years international teaching experience in schools in Vietnam, Kuwait and China. Also, I have taught for 3 years in Australia. Sports/ Activities I can coach: Swimming, soccer, table tennis. Activities I can sponsor: Arts.
Professional Accomplishments: Year 5 English coordinator.
Description: I enjoy travel and the Asian culture. I have travelled throughout the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia, meeting many wonderful people and seeing some incredible sites. When I was younger, I played many different sports including swimming, surf lifesaving, field hockey and triathlons. I now focus more on coaching sports than playing them.