Ms Uyen Quyen Ton

Teacher of Vietnamese

Nationality: Vietnamese
Position at Renaissance: Teacher of Vietnamese
Education and Qualifications: Certificate in Primary Education, College of Pedagogy HCMC B.A in Early Year Education, College of Pedagogy HCMC B.A in English, University of Pedagogy
Teaching Experience: 10 years as a Vietnamese Teacher in Vietnamese schools, 13 years as a Teaching Assistant and Vietnamese Teacher in International Schools Teacher mentoring. 2 years as an English Teacher in some Language Centre IV.
Professional Accomplishments: Recognised as a qualified teacher for many years in Vietnamese Schools.
Description: During my time at Renaissance International School of Saigon, I was responsible of teaching at the Vietnamese Club. Being closed and be able to inspire my students, showed them a lot if things about culture and language is the most wonderful thing. I taught them how to read, how to write and speak properly. I also teach them about morality. With experiences that I have gained during the time working with the amazing VLC team, I will always try my best to teach my students new knowledge and the ability of speaking confidently, politely through to the fun and exciting lessons. In 2010-2011 I taught Year 1 Vietnamese during club time at Renaissance and I found my interest was also in teaching Vietnamese beside English. I applied for studying to become an official Vietnamese Language Teacher at University of Pedagogy. In 2013-2014 I got the support from the school to become a Vietnamese Language Teacher for Primary. Together with Ms Quyen and Ms Tram, we have had wonderful students together with lots of fun and wonderful time in learning Vietnamese and Vietnamese Culture. Like many traditional Vietnamese women, in my spare time I enjoy cooking, gardening and taking care of the family with my 2 children.