Ms Thuy Tran Lucia

Teacher of Chemistry & Science

Full Name: Thuy Mong Thi Tran

Nationality: British

Position: Teacher of Chemistry & Science

Education and Qualification: BSCs. HONs, Applied Biochemistry 2:2- Liverpool John Moores University, MSc. Applied Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases, PGD Education QTS, Distinction- University of Wolverhampton

Teaching Experience: 17 years of teaching experience in a wide variety of school

Professional Accomplishments: My teaching experience in a wide variety of school has allowed me to innovate my collaborative approach, integrate ICT to enhance students’ learning and inspire their critical thinking skills

Description: In my teaching career, I always aim to maximise achievement for all students, irrespective of ability, race, gender, belief or language. I believe that my high expectation and constant nurture of a strong belief in the self, fundamentally allow my students to connect to their environment responsibly. My vision is on will progress. My students deserve to succeed whilst developing an accomplished sense of special worth and value for themselves and their community at large. I ensure that the children achieve the highest standards of work and behaviour of which they are capable, as well as gaining the greatest self-respect of themselves.