Ms Rebecca Clamp

Primary Teacher

Full Name: Rebecca Elizabeth Clamp

Nationality: British

Position: Primary Teacher

Education and Qualification: PGCE from Bangor University, specialising in the education of 3-7 year olds.

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching for 8 years across a range of different year groups. I enjoy working with and supporting children who embrace diversity and thrive in a multicultural environment. I have worked in a variety of schools including a school for children on the Autistic Spectrum in the UK, Reception class teacher for two years in Italy and have most recently worked in Dubai for four years.

Professional Accomplishments: I am an active teacher and have ASA swimming qualification, GroovyKids yoga and BrainGym qualifications which I enjoy sharing with the students I teach.

Description: I enjoy being part of the excitement of school and each day I look forward to coming to school to see the enthusiasm the children bring for the adventures they will engage in during the day ahead. Outside school I keep busy with a regular gym routine and enjoy a variety of exercise classes including Pilates and yoga.