Mr Nicolas Giraudeau

Teacher of French

Full Name: Nicholas Francois Henri Giraudeau

Nationality: French

Position: Teacher of French

Education and Qualification: Licence (BA) in foreign languages, University of Nantes. Master’s degree in specialised lexicography and linguistics, University of Lille. CELTA, Cambridge.
Various Certificates with the IBO for PYP, MYP, and DP as teacher of Language B, Extended Essay supervisor, Programme Coordinator.

Teaching Experience: 3 years at university level in the USA and France. 6 years at Middle and High School level Costa Rica and Albania.

Professional Accomplishments: It was in Albania that I gained more expertise in my own subject through frequent professional developments, but also in the context of international schools as I worked in all three sections of the school and became the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, leading the school to IB Authorisation.

Description: Communication is the cornerstone of our society. I am happy to discover yet another culture. Vietnam is my third international post. I am enthusiastic and grateful for this opportunity to share some of my culture with new students and colleagues.