Mr Malay Gorai

Teacher of Mathematics

Full name: MALAY GORAI
Nationality: Indian
Position at Renaissance: Teacher of Mathematics
Education and Qualifications: Bachelor degrees in Education and in Science; Master degree in Education and Sociology.
Teaching Experience: 14 years of teaching experience of which 10 years in international settings
Professional Accomplishments: MYP coordinator for MYP programme in its initial years of implementation; IB Math Examiner at Codrington School, Barbados
Description: I believe the purpose of education is to not only achieve academic excellence but also to develop physical, emotional, social and moral lives of the students. And we as teachers have the responsibility to bring this holistic growth out in our students. Integrity, authenticity, responsibility in thoughts and actions are virtues which I always seek to cultivate among my students by modelling them in my public and private life. I have enjoyed playing sports since my childhood especially if it is cricket and badminton. I am an intermediate level Hatha yoga practitioner. I am married and living with my wife who is a Hatha yoga instructor. I love my profession, a profession which has led me to think, act and live globally. I continuously enjoy working with children, learning and sharing my ideas as I explore and experience new places and cultures.