Ms Hoai Thu Hoang

Teacher of Vietnamese

Nationality: Vietnamese
Position at Renaissance: Teacher of Vietnamese
Education and Qualifications: The International Association of Teaching Vietnamese Organisation, Vietnam; B.A, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, HCM Pedagogical Educational Certification, IB Certification
Teaching Experience: Six years teaching IB Vietnamese Literature; Three years being an examiner in the nationwide university entrance exams (2008-2010, University of Social Sciences and Humanities); Two years teaching literature for students in the nationwide university entrance exams (2008-2009, High School for the Gifted); Four years teaching literature for talented students in the nationwide literary competitions (2007-2010, High School for the Gifted)
Professional Accomplishments: Honour Teacher at High School for the Gifted Honour Teacher at AIS for having best IB results
Description: I have been teaching for 10 years to all students from KS3, KS4 to IB. My first 4 years of teaching after graduated was with literary talented students at High School for The Gifted (public school). Then, I moved to AIS worked as IB Vietnamese teacher from 2010-2013, and being here since 2012. I am interested in teaching and researching literature which was also my major in the university. My joyfulness and happiness are having chances to share my literary knowledge and help students strengthen their own mother language which consequently define their personalities and identities.