✓ Experienced international teachers

✓ English focus on speaking and listening

✓ Round Square Discoveries focus

✓ STEAMS projects

✓ Weekly themes: I Wonder, I Discover, I Create

✓ Field Trips

Course Introduction

‘The Journey that Makes Us’ is a 3 week Summer School Programme designed to support students while they develop their self awareness, teamwork, communication and ability to solve problems in order to become happy, healthy lifelong learners.

✓ Course duration: 24th June – 12th July, 2019

✓ School hours: 08:30AM – 03:30PM, Monday to Friday 

✓ Open to students from all schools (age 3 – 14 years)

Programme Overview

Well-being is essential for learning. It underpins how children feel about themselves and how they relate to others. Using a STEAMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music & Sports) learning approach, our projects are hands-on, collaborative and designed to engage students in the weekly theme.

Each week offers a whole school theme, guided by a focus question. All classes work within the same theme, structured to their specific age group. On the last day of Summer School, students will showcase their projects for friends and family in a celebration event.

summer 2017

Week 1: I Wonder

Students explore the power of a growth mindset and are encouraged to be curious about their thoughts, feelings and ideas. Through STEAMS challenges, team building activities and mindfulness sessions, students develop the understanding that they can get smarter through hard work, the use of mindfulness practices and help from others when needed.

✓ STEAMS Challenge: Design and create a collaborative art mandala.


Week 2: I Discover

Students discover how making good choices can promote a healthy lifestyle by engaging in hands-on activities to find out how to take care of their body, how to eat healthily and how to stay fit. This week’s activities have a strong link to sports, gardening and cooking.

✓ STEAMS Challenge: Design and build an obstacle course.


Week 3: I Create

Working together to complete a challenge, students are given the opportunity to use their new knowledge and skills from weeks 1 and 2 to complete a final STEAMS project. The end of the week brings a celebration event where all projects are displayed and students showcase their learning for their friends and families.

✓ STEAMS Challenge: Design and build a marble run or Rube Goldberg Machine.

Our Round Square Core Values

Meet The Summer School Teachers

If you require any further information or have any questions, please contact Ms Jennifer Longmuir (Summer School Director) –

Tuition Fees

All amounts in VND

Fees include:

✓ All lunches & snacks  

✓ All resources and materials

 ✓ All activities and field trips

Each student will receive a gift bag!

Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Bus Service

Free bus service will be available in the Phu My Hung area. Depending on demand, bus service to other areas may be available, for an additional charge.

Registration Form

Admissions & Questions

To apply, please complete the Summer School 2019 Application Form, sign it and submit it to our Admissions Office together with your payment. All children who are non-Renaissance students will need to have an interview with our Summer School Director. To arrange an appointment for your interview, please contact our Admissions Office.

✓ Hotline: 028 3773 3171  – Extension: 120/121/122

✓ Email:

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