This summer course has been designed to awaken your child’s love for learning:

• Join for 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks

• From 26 June to 04 August 2017

• Full time, 08.30am-15.30pm

• Scholarships available

• Experienced teachers

• Fun activities and trips

Helping you create innovative, educated, truly international pupils, who will understand the importance of Communication, Science, and the Arts in our global world.

Let Renaissance Summer Innovators provide you with a world class programme, combining academic English and a STEAM activity programme. We understand that Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths are just as important as English, so we’ve combined them (and more) into a packed summer.

Giving your child a love of learning is central to our summer school. It is designed to be academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating, while ensuring that the interest and curiosity of every child is kept active.


Our innovative activity programme is designed with STEAM in mind (Science, technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). Our STEAM activities are practical, experiment and experience based lessons- they are designed to teach Maths skills through experiments in physics, or Engineering through bridge building all in our state of the art science rooms here at Renaissance. In addition to this, we will continue our successful relationship with Saigon Sports Club (sport), La Holista (healthy cooking), and many more.

Each class will have field trips every week, we’ll be visiting exciting locations like Sunny Farm, to learn about the importance of fresh food, and we’ll learn about how critical recycling is to our planet at the Vietnam Waste Solutions facility.

Learning and Teaching

The Innovative Summer follows a British Curriculum, supported by the IPC (International Primary Curriculum). For non-Renaissance Pupils, they can have an experience of a full International School education; for our own pupils, they can continue their education throughout the summer.

Early Years and Primary Classes will follow an IPC unit, Secondary a Key Stage Three and an IGCSE English unit. Both are flexible and encourage creativity in our pupils; they are a way of introducing young people into a truly global method of learning. Teachers have the ability, and the option of moving slower or faster depending on their class’ ability.

The International Primary Curriculum

The IPC is a comprehensive curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for personal learning and for international mindedness. The IPC is now the curriculum choice of international and national schools in over 1,800 schools in over 90 countries around the world.

Key Stage Three

In Britain, pupils aged 11- 14 study the Key Stage Three curriculum. This is a skills-based course that teaches the building blocks of English- persuasive writing, figurative language, public speaking and many more. It is the foundation that builds to the IGCSE.

The International General Certificate of Secondary English

The IGCSE is the world’s choice for teenagers at international schools. Academically rigorous, and accepted world-wide, it is an excellent choice to excite and challenge young teenagers.

The Madagui Week

This year, our students will have the opportunity to have a unique experience by going to Madagui for 6 days, from Monday 10 July to Saturday 16 July. In Madagui, students will take part in the project called ‘Forest City of the Future’, where through the study of English, Maths, Science and other relevant subjects, students will learn how to design and present their ideas for an Eco-City of the future.

Students will work on various projects and will use the natural environment as a source of research. For example, a Biology teacher will guide them about the local flora and fauna and instruct about how to make decisions on what plants and animals might work in their Eco-City. Overall, the mornings will be set aside for 3 hours of study, whilst the afternoons will be used for outdoors activities and research.

This is a unique opportunity for the summer course students to spend time off-campus, and to boost their love for learning through an engaging and meaningful educational trip that will allow them to bond and share great moments together. To organise this trip, we have been working with our long-term partner, AsiaMotions, who are very experienced with organising student trips in Vietnam and beyond.

Price includes all transport, food and accommodation for the six day, five night camp.


Our summer school offers the chance for an International British education, learning in an environment that nurtures innovators and creates lifelong learners. To encourage the best and brightest writers we are holding a scholarship competition that is open to internal and external applicants who would like to join the summer course this year. There are two age categories- age 8 to 10, and 11+, and the scholarships cover the morning academic programme only (excludes afternoon activities):

Two 100% scholarships for the summer academic programme (mornings only)
Two 50% scholarships for the summer academic programme (mornings only)

The topic for applicants aged 8-10 years old:

“What can I do in my home to recycle, and how can I encourage other people to do it?”.

As a guide, think about innovative and different ideas for recycling. What interesting uses can you think of for old paper, and bottles. Think about how you would persuade your neighbours to recycle; what would you say to them?

The topic for the applicants aged 11 years old and older:

“In the future, how should technology be used in renewable energy?”.

Don’t just google ideas, be innovative! Think about how you could use technology in your home or your school, think about the types of renewable energy and how low-tech, or high-tech they can be. Isn’t a simple windmill capable of creating energy?!

Please submit 500 words maximum by emailing your child’s essay to by May 31th 2017

Please note that once entries are received they cannot be returned. Only one entry will be accepted per person. Only original work by the applicant will be judged. Competition is open to all nationalities. The scholarships are valid for the for morning academic half day programme only. Transport will be provided within PMH area.


Once entries are received they cannot be returned. Only one entry per person. Only original work by the applicant will be judged. Competition open to all nationalities. Prize is for A.M. academic half day programme only. Transport will be provided within PMH area.

Welcome from Our Coordinator

Mr. Stephen Isaacs, Summer Innovators 2017 Coordinator

Welcome to our innovative summer school! As we enter our fifth year I am confident that you will enjoy this combination of academic lessons, and STEAM-based activities (with some of the usual favourites). I am such a believer in STEAM classes because at Renaissance I have seen the positive results of original thinking, with scientific knowledge. We know that innovation doesn’t come through purely focussing on the value of one subject, we know that innovation comes from the combination of the creative and the scientific mind. In the morning we can offer your our world-class facilities, filled with experienced native-English speaking teachers, and in the afternoon, you’ll be interested, excited and challenged by our STEAM activities. Renaissance will always have a place for some of the traditional summer activities, so there will be swimming, playing multi-sports, stand-up paddleboarding and cooking as well. I am happy to present this programme to you, and I very much look forward to meeting you all.

Fees & Application

>> Click here to download the Application Form


Our assessments are not pass/fail; they are our method of understanding who is joining our school. Renaissance is an inclusive school, dedicated to ensuring each child receives education. Assessments are by age. If your child is under 5 years old, please contact us.

There is an age guide with each assessment. If it’s too easy, or difficult, download the next assessment. Children under 6 should contact the school to arrange an interview.

Click here to download Primary Writing Assessment – Age 6+
Click here to download Primary Writing Assessment – Age 8+
Click here to download Secondary Writing Assessment – Age 11+

Contact Us

Please contact our Admissions Office for more information about the course on
(+84 – 8) 3773 3171 extension 120/121/122 or email


How are the classes organised?

•  Current Renaissance pupils and previous summer school pupils will not need to be assessed.

•  Each new pupil must complete an assessment. A combination of the result of the assessment and the pupil’s age, will be used to place the student in the correct class.

•  If necessary, after an initial observation period by the teacher and co-ordinator a pupil’s class may be moved.

•  A settling-in report will be sent at the end of the first week by the teacher- then a final report will be given by the teacher on the pupil’s last day

What about the activity groups?

•  All activity groups will be based on age.

•  Each activity group will have a timetable.

•  Some activities are limited by age.

What about the scholarship competition?

• Download the scholarship notes- all details are fully explained.

Why are pupils assessed?

•  All new pupils must complete the assessment. This is to ensure pupils are placed a class appropriate to their age and ability.

•  Any non-Renaissance pupils, 7 years old or under are required to attend a face-to-face meeting. Please call or email to schedule a meeting time.

Why take the assessment at home?

• Pupils often perform better taking a test in their home environment.

• Please do not help your child too much. The assessment is meant to reflect their ability.

Any other questions?

• Please contact the school directly for any other questions.