Year 2D – IPC Topic of Treasure Island

Last Friday, Year 2D had a very exciting morning recreating their Underwater IPC lesson so that it could be filmed by VTV. We were all very interested in how the equipment worked and had lots of questions.

The pool was full of (clean) recyclable rubbish that the children (Enviro Pirates) would be wading through to get to Treasure Island (the sand pit). We have been wondering about where Pirates put their rubbish and what that rubbish does to our oceans and sea creatures. We swam in the pool without the rubbish and it was so easy. Once the Pirates put the rubbish in the pool it was much harder. We are going to continue to learn more about ways that we can help our planet and recycle our plastic. This lesson was part of our IPC topic Treasure Island and linked to our Round Square focus of Responsibility and Sustainability.

Everyone had a turn speaking about the IPC lesson and we were all excited to see it on VTV1 – “24h Movement” last Saturday.

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