SuperKids Talent Contest

The SuperKids Talent Contest on Thursday 19 January was a huge success and very well attended. Children delivered heart-melting performances and were very brave to come on stage in front of such a large audience, everyone was excited to see a magic show while results were counted and verified. The Early Years department came to support the contestants and had a great time watching the performances together with parents and friends of all contestants who took part in the competition and were selected to perform at the finals. The judges’ panel had a very difficult time decided on the best performances, and were helped by the audiences who were involved in voting. After all votes had been added up, Pham Tuan Tu was announced the winner, with Tran Viet Minh and Phan Hoang Linh being very worthy runner up and second runner up respectively. Thank you to all families and children for joining the contest, and to the event sponsors UEC Universal Education Centre, SSA Sport, and Mathnasium for helping us to create a great opportunity for Early Years children to show their talents!