Round Square Trip to Malaysia

Our Primary students Chu Young, Tayla, Susu, and Libby just returned from their Round Square trip to Malaysia, where together with Ms Tania they represented the school and met other Round Square students from all over the world.

On arrival, they encountered children from other Round Square schools from all over the world and although they did not know them it took only but one evening for them to make some good friends. The next day was divided into two activities with one group doing rafting while the other group learned how to behave in a rapid, cross an obstacle in the river, enter in deep water and assist a friend in need. Teamwork was very important and who could think it could be so much fun! The students had to challenge themselves to try something new and scary. Then it was off to the high ropes and here the challenges became even more difficult. They had to hold ladders upright by pulling ropes while their newly found friend had to climb them up, so it was very scary to have no control. On the last day, children visited a cave and learned some interesting facts. Overall, the trip was designed to make sure that our Round Square champions can experience the IDEALS promoted by Round Square, and to develop these qualities in themselves and their teams.

With some activities, the students under Ms Tania’s leadership had to decide their own boundaries while they were hoisted into the air with teamwork. These activities really challenged the children and showed that with a good team behind you, anything was possible. So, it was important to establish trust with a group of students who arrived in Malaysia from across the globe that had become friends overnight. Who could think it was possible to make so many new friends by working in a team, pushing their own boundaries and trusting in others. Ms Tania has brought back the contact details of teachers from other participating schools and is now planning to further engage with them and see what other opportunities we can create for our students. As the only Round Square school in Vietnam, we want to stay connected with other good quality schools worldwide!

Well done Chu Young, Tayla, Susu, Libby and Ms Tania!