SuperKids Talent Contest

The SuperKids Talent Contest today was a huge success and very well attended. Children delivered heart-melting performances and were very brave to come on stage in front of such a large audience.

Secondary Sport Day

The last day of this week was the favourite day of many Secondary students, who really enjoyed taking part in the Secondary Sports Day. The students competed in a number of different disciplines, and enthusiastically supported their house teams.

KS2 Sport Day

Our KS2 students, teachers and families took part in the KS2 Sport Day on Wednesday 10 January, which took place in the new Sports Field

Renaissance Summer Camp 2018

Safe and secure learning environment, qualified and experienced teachers, and opportunities to improve English in a fun atmosphere.

Renaissance Christmas Event

Our Renaissance community had a magic time on 7 December when the whole school pre-celebrated Christmas in the school’s field. It was a lovely community event, and we were very happy to see that many students and staff invited their families and friends to join the event.