Preparing for University Studies

The website has recently published a great article on how Secondary students can prepare for their transition from school to university life, which includes 4 self-studying methods and shows how these methods enhance the effectiveness of their learning.

The Importance of Personalised Learning

According, personalised learning is particularly important for Primary children, who at that age start developing their love (or dislike) for learning, discover and start developing their talents and strengths, and solidify their academic foundation for the future.

Safe Environment for Toddlers

According to, it is important that parents of children aged 2-5 years old provide a safe and supportive environment for their child, because it is a very important long-term factor that significantly affects children's future development and learning ability.

Parental Practices for School Engagement

The following six practices from provide parents with helpful tips on how to effectively engage with their toddler’s school and learning, and to ensure that they are giving their child a strong educational foundation for their academic success.

8 pieces of parenting advice from a teenager to all parents

THIS teenager has never been a parent, but she has some VERY interesting tips for people who are — and we think she’s on to something. I HAVE not birthed a child, held one in my arms, and felt what it is like to see my own creation. I have not become a parent. But …