Benefits of Creative Play in Early Education

It is important for Early Years children to take part in creative activities as creativity is associated with a great variety of developmental benefits. The article below explains why developing a love of creativity at a young age will help your child become a creative thinker as they grow older.

How Primary Students Learn English

The famous website learnenglishkids has published an article about how young children learn a new language, especially English, as well as highlights the learning stages that children aged 6-12 go through when learning a foreign language, which is important for parents to understand so that they can effectively support their children.

Tips for Motivating Teenagers at School

Being highly motivated is very important in terms of helping Secondary children do well at school. Here are some useful tips provided by which help parents to identify how they can support their child and encourage and motivate them during this important time in their lives.

Preparing for University Studies

The website has recently published a great article on how Secondary students can prepare for their transition from school to university life, which includes 4 self-studying methods and shows how these methods enhance the effectiveness of their learning.