Grandparents’ Day

Today, we welcomed more than 100 grandparents and many parents who accompanied them to our school and many more online who joined our live streaming sessions, to celebrate the Grandparents’ Day.

Cam Xanh’s Socrates – Apology Project

The Apology – Socrates project has been specifically commissioned for the school by the Board of Directors and installed at Renaissance on 07 February 2018

Tuan Mami’s Physicality at Renaissance

Tuan Mami’s Physicality can now be visited on the top floor of the Administrative Block at Renaissance, where the installation is on show from 08 February 2018.

SuperKids Talent Contest

The SuperKids Talent Contest today was a huge success and very well attended. Children delivered heart-melting performances and were very brave to come on stage in front of such a large audience.

Secondary Sport Day

The last day of this week was the favourite day of many Secondary students, who really enjoyed taking part in the Secondary Sports Day. The students competed in a number of different disciplines, and enthusiastically supported their house teams.