Admissions Criteria

Renaissance International School Saigon accepts applications for admissions throughout the school year. In most cases a student will join his/her chronological age group.


Renaissance admits students whose academic and personal needs can be met by the programmes and student support services available at the time of admission. While we aim for inclusiveness in our admissions decisions, we reserve the right to decline admission to students whom we determine will not benefit educationally from attending our school. To this effect, careful consideration is exercised before admitting students with the following needs:


Students with physical disabilities and/or learning differences:

Placement decisions are made on both determining if the school campus will be a suitable learning environment for the student given their particular learning challenge(s), and moreover, if sufficient learning support resources are available to address the student’s academic needs at the time of admission.

The objective of the Renaissance Admissions team is to establish a clear understanding of the learning needs of its applicants prior to making placement decisions. Therefore, applicants who have a history of requiring learning support are asked to submit any requested documentation prior to any final placement decisions being made.

Any such application will be considered by the Head of School after taking advice from appropriate colleagues including the Deputy and Personalised Learning Centre Manager.


Conditions for assignment of full-time 1:1 aid

In the event it is determined by school that a full-time 1:1 aid is required to meet a student’s learning needs, the following conditions apply:

  • Learning support specialists and classroom teachers reserve the right to determine level of support need for any given student and make a final decision about continuation or discontinuation of support services based on demonstrated need. In the event a student is deemed to require full-time 1:1 support, the parents are obliged to provide said services at their expense. Any person appointed, and recruited by parents, has to be approved by the Head of School. This may require an interview.
  • The learning support team in coordination with classroom teacher(s) determine a suitable weekly schedule for the aid. Special arrangements may be required to ensure adequate coverage for morning and lunch breaks.


Students for whom English is an Additional Language

Renaissance provides EAL support for students from Yr 1 to Yr 9. A fee is charged for this service. For Yr 7 to Yr 9 an Intensive English programme is available. A fee is charged for this service. In IGCSE and IBDP additional language support is made available determined by a student’s and resources available. An additional assessment of language support need may be made after interview by the EAL.


Conditional offer of a place

In some cases, Renaissance will offer a place for a fixed time and continuation depends upon a satisfactory review. Such offers are made when school needs to ensure it is meeting the specific learning needs of an individual.


Conditions for admissions refusal

Renaissance reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants based on the following considerations:

  • There are negative elements in the applicant’s scholastic or behavioural record that could potentially have a negative impact on the school or community.
  • The class size is at capacity for the grade being applied for.
  • Required documentation as per admissions procedures is not provided.
  • School cannot meet the individual needs of an applicant.


Conditions for prioritising admissions

Renaissance prioritises placement of students who:

  • intend on registering for a period of a year or longer.
  • express a commitment to being a positive and contributing member of our school community.
  • are a child of a Renaissance staff member or employee.
  • have a sibling at school.


Class Sizes

Maximum class enrolments are as follows:

  • EYFS 18
  • Primary 22
  • Secondary 25


Waiting List

If an application is received for a Year Group that is already at its enrolment capacity, the student will be placed on a waiting list. In order to be placed on a waiting list, a completed application along with all required documentation and the application fee must be submitted to the Admissions team. Applications are placed in priority sequence based on the date that the full application and fee was received.


Successful Placement and Registration

Placement and registration is complete after the following has occurred:

  • The application has been received along with all required documentation and application fees
  • The application is reviewed and approved by the Head of School
  • If applicable, the PLC Manager, Deputy and any other relevant staff are consulted of before approval of the placement.
  • Registration fees and deposit are paid in full (as per fee structure).
  • Parents receive a formal acceptance letter from Admissions to confirm the successful placement and registration of their child(ren).


IB Diploma Programme Admissions

Students applying to the IBDP, will be admitted if they have 5 ‘C to A*’ at IGCSE level or equivalent. They also will need to be able to access at least one Language ‘A’ subject.

In other cases, admission will be determined on a one to one basis following an admissions assessment and interview with the Head of School, Deputy and/or IB Coordinator.


Withdrawal Notice

To help the school to manage our enrolments efficiently, it is absolutely necessary that parents follow school procedures as given in the Admissions contract or the deposit refund will not be granted.

Renaissance reserves the right to withdraw an already registered student when any or all of the following conditions apply:

  • the student’s learning needs cannot be met given available resources
  • the student’s presence in the class has an ongoing negative impact on her/his classmates
  • the student’s behaviour is determined to have a detrimental impact on the school community
  • the student’s attendance record is unacceptable.

In the event that a student is required to withdraw from Renaissance due to any of the above reasons, no tuition refund will be granted for the balance of the term that the student is not in attendance.