Application Fee

A one-time non-refundable Application Fee of VND 4,000,000 is payable when the Application Form is submitted.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable Registration Fee as below is payable when the offer of a school place is accepted. The Registration Fee is paid only once and guarantees the place for the student.

• Early Years: VND 22,000,000

• Primary Level: VND 39,700,000

• Secondary Level: VND 49,700,000

Refundable Deposit

A payment of 22,000,000 VND per child is required as a Security Deposit when the child joins the school. This deposit will be refunded when the child leaves the school provided 90 calendar days’ notice is given in writing to the school. If parents do not submit the Withdrawal Notification Form to the school 90 days before the student’s last school day, then the school has no obligation to return the deposit. This deposit is only applied for Primary & Secondary students. When a child moves from the Early Years to the Primary school, the Security Deposit will be payable.



We offer a 10% tuition fee discount to the second child in the same family studying concurrently in the school. A special discount of 20% will be given to the third child (and any subsequent children). The sibling discount is based on the tuition fee for the younger child and is also applicable to tuition fees paid by installments.


A discount of 3% on tuition fee is offered for students who have been enrolled at the school for at least three consecutive full academic years.

For SCHOLARSHIPS available, please see below.

Tuition Fees 2018/19

Please bear in mind that if you pay your annual tuition fees in one single installment at the beginning of the year, you will save 13% of your total annual tuition fees.

Fees can be paid by cash, by card, or by bank transfer. Please note that all card payments will be subject to a 1.5% transaction fee charge. This does not apply to Application and Registration Fee payments.

The School reserves the right to increase tuition fees during the academic year if the annual inflation rate exceeds 12%, and/or if the VND depreciates against the USD by more than 3% from the most recent listing date of schedule of fee in the academic year. In such cases, the School will publish the new fees on its website and notify those parents who are paying Tuition Fees by installments. Outstanding fees will be payable in the newly published amounts.

Tutition Fees are also inclusive of:

Uniforms: At the beginning of the school year, Renaissance offers free 3 sets of Renaissance school uniform, 02 sets of Renaissance PE uniforms, and 01 T-shirt for team sports. A school hat and a school bag are also provided to all newly registered Primary and Early Years students.

English Language Fee

All students are tested for English proficiency as part of our Admissions and Evaluation processes. For students who require specific English as Additional Language (EAL) instruction as determined by the School, an additional annual EAL fee of VND 72,500,000 is payable. EAL students are assessed each term to re-evaluate their support needs. This refund is pro-rated based on the number of days remaining in the school year. For withdrawal, the “Withdrawal Refund” under clause 9 (Withdrawal Refund) shall apply.

School Bus Fee

The school bus service fee for the Phu My Hung Route is VND 19,500,000 per year. This bus fee excludes Value Added Tax (VAT). The school offers a free school bus service for students from District 2, and Tao Dan District.

In cases where a student only uses a morning or afternoon bus, the full fee will be charged. In relation to students involved in activities after 15:45, no refund will be made available for any bus service that is not used.

Late Enrolment

The school accepts late enrolment after the start of academic year depending on availability. Those who enrol after the start of the academic year up to 14th December 2018 will pay tuition fees strictly on a pro-rated basis. Students enrolling after 14th December 2018 are required to pay a one-off tuition fee on the instalment fee basis. For late enrolment to EAL classes, the EAL fee will be pro-rated based on the annual fee, effective from the date of admission to the end of school year. This method is also applied to bus fees.

Withdrawal Refund

If the school receives a Withdrawal Application Form at least 90 calendar days before the date of withdrawal, the following withdrawal refund shall apply, also applicable to EAL fees and bus fees:

The school’s receipt date stamp on the Withdrawal Application Form shall determine the submission date of a withdrawal refund. The school will not be responsible for any case when a Withdrawal Application Form is not officially submitted. Withdrawal refund is applicable only to Annual Tuition Fees that were paid on time i.e. paid on or before the due date.

Payment of Fees

All tuition fees are payable in full before 17th August 2018. If the installment option has been chosen, each installment must be paid before the start of each term with the dates as below:

• First instalment: on or before 17th August 2018.

• Second instalment: on or before 04th January 2019.

• Third instalment: on or before 29th March 2019.

Parents are responsible for paying all applicable fees on time before a student is allowed to attend classes. This responsibility cannot be delegated to the employer. All tuition fees are invoiced in VND and are payable in VND unless the payment originates outside of Vietnam, in which case a USD bank transfer is acceptable at the prevailing bank exchange rate.

Late Payment of Fees

If payment is not made within two weeks of the due dates, the school shall add a 10% penalty to the outstanding payment, and a new pro-forma invoice will be issued. In cases where parents are registered to pay annual tuition fees, this will be automatically changed to Term Tuition Fee and the 10% penalty added to the first term. After the new pro-forma invoice has been issued, if the school has still not received payment by the revised due date, then the school shall exercise its rights to exclude the student from class until such fees have been paid. Please ensure the bank transfer payment makes reference to your child(ren)’s name and pro-forma invoice numbers. It is also your responsibility to pay all bank charges. Payment by transfer shall be made to:

Account No (USD): 117002624863
Account No (VND): 118002624862
Bank name & Address: Vietinbank-Branch 4 HCMC
Swift code: ICBVVNVX908
Account No (USD): 700-003-911637
Account No (VND): 700-003-911498
Bank name & Address: Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited
334 – 336 Dang Duc Thuat, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Swift code: SHBKVNVX

Other Expenses

Personal supplies, lunches, additional school uniforms, field trip expenses, external examination fees etc. are payable by parents.


Currently, we offer the IB Diploma Scholarship.


IB Scholarships from 50% to 100% discount on tuition fees will be awarded to students as follows:

IGCSE Students:

50% Scholarship: Students may be offered a 50% scholarship based on results in a minimum of 5 (five) IGCSE subjects with grades of A or A* and subject to an interview with the Deputy Head of School and the Head of School.

100% Scholarship: Students will be offered a 100% scholarship based on results in a minimum of 8 (eight) IGCSE subjects with grades of A or A* and subject to an interview with the Deputy Head of School and the Head of School.

Non-IGCSE Students:

Students who have not studied the University of Cambridge IGCSE can be awarded an IB Scholarship based on the conversion of their Year 11 or Grade 10 examinations, their last school report plus an entrance test examination and an interview with the Deputy Head of School and the Head of School.

Vietnamese School Students:

Students can be awarded an IB Scholarship based on the conversion of their Grade 10 examinations, their last school report plus an entrance test examination, including an English test, and an interview with the Deputy Head of School and the Head of School. Scholarships are for either 50% or 100%. All scholarships are valid for 2 years, dependent on students achieving a minimum academic level in their end-of-year report in the first year (excluding TOK and the Extended Essay). If the student does not achieve this minimum, the school reserves the right to withdraw the IB Scholarship for the second year.